Philosopher’s Café: Why you or I can't be real

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
at Titletown Brewery (2nd floor of original buildi
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Christopher Martin
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Moderator: Christopher Martin (Assoc. Professor in Humanities)

It seems darn near absolutely certain, more than most anything else I expect, that things like you and I are real. If I asked you for a list of what is really real or most real, you could do worse than start by pointing to your or me. I’d like to suggest that is cannot be the case.  I subscribe to an orientation in Philosophy known as Rationalism, which maintains that absolutely everything has a reason or cause for its being the way that it is. And for reasons I will explain (that have to do largely with the infinity of the universe and the eternity of whatever gives rise to it and certain deep claims about causality) that if rationalism is true then beings like you and I can’t be real. Have no fear though, as I will then suggest that we are not so much real as we are shadows of real things.  We are shadows.  That’s a pretty rockin’ thought to occupy a Café discussion if you ask me, so bring a fellow shadow, your rationalist or irrationalist leanings, and athirst for a pint and conversation.   

at Titletown Brewery (2nd floor of original building), 200 Dousman St., Green Bay 

Philosopher’s Café: Why you or I can't be real

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